Whonix 15 with extensive changes and new features officially released

Say hello to the new Whonix 15 that is based on the Debian 10 distribution (also known as buster).

Before we discuss further what users are to get from this version, it only makes sense to introduce this operating system to those unaware of it. The Whonix desktop operating system mainly focuses on increased privacy and security by protecting its users from common attack vectors, such as malware and IP address leaks.

Whonix Concept
Whonix Concept

Also, it provides anonymity through the TOR network, and the core of Whonix is built on a profoundly reconfigured Debian base that resides within many virtual machines.

This version has been released after a year of development, so users are to expect a lot of new features with this update. Luckily, this is just what they will get as Whonix 15 comes with a variety of new features, like systemd unit sandboxing, kernel hardening, and a CLI version of Whonix VirtualBox.

Also, since the new Whonix is powered by Debian 10, it will come with several new software packages, including a modern version of GNuPG.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Whonix 15 will also allow you to easily install VM kernel with the help of Qubes-Whonix, and work with Raspberry Pi/ARM64 and UsrMerge. Not only that, but it takes care of the latest security vulnerabilities as well. Moreover, the update will also include new utilities, including a P2P exchange network, known as Bisq, and a keystroke anonymization tool, called kloak. You can check out the complete list of new enhancements and features from here.

With this release, the creators have also announced that Whonix 14 will reach its end of life in about a month. Therefore, if users want to receive support and regular updates, they would have to update to the latest version.

The official Whonix forum also talks over the upcoming Whonix 16 release and the features it will bring. For now, we only know that the Whonix team is working on a Whonix host operating system, policy for inclusion of compiled software, and live mode.


Whonix 15 is set to lead the Whonix franchise to a whole new level with a lot of new changes and features that will make your system more secure than ever. The new Whonix is available on several operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. So if you think security and privacy are essential while browsing the internet, make sure to download Whonix 15 by clicking on this link.

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