Fix SD Card Reader not working after Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade

This question came in from one of our readers, where the user upgraded their PC to Ubuntu 16.04 and found that the SD card reader in the laptop won’t read any SD memory cards. It was working well before the upgrade. SD card reader was missing after the Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade.

This problem looked like an installation issue when the critical system files are being overwritten during an upgrade. Since this problem appeared after the update, it is accidental corruption of the system file, which in this case, is “udisks2”. Reinstalling this application fixed the issue. Here are the detailed instructions.

Fix SD Card Reader not working after Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade

STEP 1: Remove any SD card that is inserted into the SD card reader.

STEP 2: Launch ‘Terminal’.

STEP 3: Run the following command to reinstall udisks2.

sudo apt-get install --reinstall udisks2

You will have to enter the root password to complete the re-installation.

STEP 4: After installation is complete, close ‘Terminal’ and reboots the PC.

STEP 5: Try inserting an SD card into the SD card reader slot. It should work now!

Did you run into this problem after Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade? Did this solution work for you?

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