How to install Synology Cloud Station Drive in Solus

Cloud Station for Synology NAS is a file-syncing application that lets you easily synchronize files on your Synology NAS with other devices like PCs and smartphones. To get started, you need to install Cloud Station Server on your Synology NAS and Cloud Station Drive on your Linux PC.

After the setup is complete, you should be able to automatically sync files stored on your computer to your Synology NAS. This short tutorial will guide you on how to install the Synology Cloud Station Drive on your Solus PC.

Install Synology Cloud Station Drive on Solus

STEP 1: Launch ‘Terminal.’

STEP 2: Copy and paste the following in the Terminal and hit enter. This command will download the Synology Cloud Station Drive binary provided by the Solus dev team.

sudo eopkg bi --ignore-safety

STEP 3: Use the eopkg command to install it.

sudo eopkg it synology-cloud-station-drive*.eopkg

STEP 4: Log off and log in again.

STEP 5: Check-in Applications if Synology Cloud Station Drive is installed. If everything is fine, it’s time to clean up the installer that you downloaded in step 2. Launch ‘Terminal’ and run the following command.

sudo rm synology-cloud-station-drive*.eopkg

That’s it!

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